Antarctic Exploration Timeline & Index

Antarctic-01-2Antarctic Exploration Timeline

The following timeline is drawn from a number of sources. See Antarctic Exploration Timeline – Sources for more information.


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16751675Anthony de la Roché discovers South GeorgiaBritishAnthony de la Roché
1739 1739 Jean-Baptiste Charles Bouvet de Lozier – discovers Bouvet Island FrenchJean-Baptiste Charles Bouvet de Lozier Aigle, Marie
17711772First French Antarctic ExpeditionFrenchYves-Joseph de Kerguelen-Trémarec
17721775James Cook crosses Antarctic Circle and reaches 71° 10′ SBritishJames CookHMS Resolution
18191819William Smith discovers South Shetland IslandsBritishWilliam SmithThe Williams
18191819San Telmo wrecks in the Drake Passage off Livingston Island.SpanishJoaquín de Toledo y ParraSan Telmo
18191821Bellingshausen and Lazarev Russian circumnavigation expeditionRussianFabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen, Mikhail LazarevNadezhda
18201820Edward Bransfield with William Smith sight Trinity PeninsulaBritishEdward BransfieldThe Williams
18201820Nathaniel Palmer sights AntarcticaAmericanNathaniel PalmerHero
18211821George Powell, a British sealer, and Nathaniel B. Palmer discover the South Orkney IslandsBritishGeorge Powell, Nathaniel B. PalmerDove, Eliza
18211821John Davis – claims of setting foot on Antarctica at Hughes BayAmericanJohn DavisCecilia
18231824James Weddell discovers the Weddell Sea and reached a new Farthest South of 74° 15′ SBritishJames WeddellJane, Beaufoy
18301833Southern Ocean Expedition led by John Biscoe circumnavigates AntarcticaBritishJohn BriscoTula
18371840Second French Antarctic ExpeditionFrenchJules Dumont d'UrvilleAstrolabe
18381839John Balleny discovers Balleny IslandsBritishJohn BallenyEliza Scott, Sabrina
18381842United States Exploring ExpeditionAmericanCharles WilkesUSS Peacock, USS Porpoise, USS Vincennes
18391843James Clark Ross expeditionBritishJames Clark RossHMS Erebus, HMS Terror
18511853Mercator Cooper made the first adequately documented landing on the mainland of Antarctica.AmericanMercator CooperLevant
18721876HMS Challenger under Capt. George S. Nares, becomes the first steamship to cross the Antarctic CircleBritishGeorge S. NaresHMS Challenger
18921893Carl Anton Larsen led the first Norwegian expedition to Antarctica aboard the ship JasonNorwegianCarl Anton LarsenJason
18921893Dundee Whaling Expedition discover Dundee IslandBritishBalaena, Active, Diana, Polar Star
18931894Second Norwegian expedition to AntarcticaNorwegianCarl Anton LarsenJason
18931895Henryk Bull, Carstens Borchgrevink and Alexander von Tunzelmann – set foot on Antarctica at Cape AdareNorwegianHenryk Bull, Carstens Borchgrevink, Alexander von Tunzelmann Antarctic (ship)
18971899Belgian Antarctic ExpeditionBelgiumAdrien de GerlacheBeligica
18981900Southern Cross ExpeditionBritishCarsten Borchgrevink SS Southern Cross
19011904Discovery ExpeditionBritishRobert Falcon ScottDiscovery
19011903Gauss expedition (or First German Antarctic Expedition)GermanErich von DrygalskiGauss
19011903Swedish Antarctic ExpeditionSwedishOtto Nordenskjöld with captain Carl Anton LarsenAntarctic (ship)
19021904Scottish National Antarctic ExpeditionBritishWilliam Speirs BruceScotia
19031905Third French Antarctic ExpeditionFrenchJean-Baptiste CharcotFrancais
19071909Nimrod ExpeditionBritishErnest ShackletonNimrod
19081910Fourth French Antarctic ExpeditionFrenchJean-Baptiste CharcotPourquoi-Pas? IV
19101912Japanese Antarctic ExpeditionJapaneseNobu ShiraseKainan Maru
19101912Roald Amundsen's South Pole expeditionNorwegianRoald AmundsenFram
19101913Terra Nova ExpeditionBritishRobert Falcon ScottTerra Nova
19111913Second German Antarctic ExpeditionGermanWilhelm FilchnerDeutschland
19111914Australasian Antarctic ExpeditionAustralianDouglas MawsonSY Aurora
19141916Imperial Trans-Antarctic ExpeditionBritishErnest ShackletonEndurance
19141917Ross Sea PartyBritish Aeneas Mackintosh
19201922British Graham Land ExpeditionBritishJohn Lachlan Cop
19211922Shackleton-Rowett ExpeditionBritishErnest Shackleton
19291931British Australian and New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition (BANZARE)British, New ZealandDouglas Mawson
19281930Byrd's First expeditionAmericanRichard Evelyn Byrd
19311931H. Halvorsen – discovered Princess Astrid CoastNorwegianH. Halvorsen
19311931Hjalmar Riiser-Larsen – flew over Antarctica, discovered Kronprins Olav KystNorwegianHjalmar Riiser-Larsen
19331935Byrd's Second expeditionAmericanRichard Evelyn Byrd
19331939Lincoln Ellsworth – Aircraft expeditionAmericanLincoln Ellsworth
19341937British Graham Land Expedition (BGLE)BritishJohn Riddoch Rymill
19361936Lars Christensen – dropped Norwegian flag over Prince Harald CoastNorwegianLars Christensen
19381938Third German Antarctic ExpeditionGermanCapt. Alfred Ritscher
19391941United States Antarctic Service Expedition (Byrd's Third)AmericanRichard Evelyn Byrd
19431945Operation TabarinBritishJames Marr
19461947Operation Highjump – led by Richard Evelyn Byrd (Byrd's fourth expedition)AmericanRichard Evelyn Byrd
19471947First Chilean Antarctic ExpeditionChileanFederico Guesalaga Toro
19471948Operation WindmillAmericanCommander Gerald Ketchum
19471948Ronne Antarctic Research ExpeditionAmericanFinn Ronne
19491950Adelie-Land, Ship Commandant CharcotFrench Michel Barre
19491952Norwegian-British-Swedish Antarctic ExpeditionNorwegian, BritishJohn Giaever
19551956Operation Deep Freeze – Byrd's fifth expeditionAmericanRichard Evelyn Byrd
195519571st Soviet Antarctic ExpeditionSovietMikhail Somov
19561958Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic ExpeditionBritishVivian Fuchs
195619582nd Soviet Antarctic ExpeditionSovietAleksei Treshnikov
19571958New Zealand Geological Survey Antarctic ExpeditionNew Zealand
19571958Luncke ExpeditionNorwegianBernard Lunke
195719593rd Soviet Antarctic ExpeditionSovietYevgeny Tolstikov
19581959New Zealand Geological Survey Antarctic ExpeditionNew Zealand
195819604th Soviet Antarctic ExpeditionSovietAleksandr Dralkin
195919615th Soviet Antarctic ExpeditionSovietYevgeny Korotkevich
19601960South African National Antarctic ExpeditionSouth African
196019626th Soviet Antarctic ExpeditionSovietV. Driatsky
196119637th Soviet Antarctic ExpeditionSovietAleksandr Dralkin
19621962Vostok traverse – led by Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions (ANARE)Australian
196219648th Soviet Antarctic ExpeditionSovietMikhail Somov
196319659th Soviet Antarctic ExpeditionSovietMikhail Somov, Pavel Senko
19641965South Pole—Queen Maud Land Traverse IAmerican
1964196610th Soviet Antarctic ExpeditionSovietM. Ostrekin, I. Petrov
19651966South Pole—Queen Maud Land Traverse IIAmerican
1965196711th Soviet Antarctic ExpeditionSovietD. Maksutov, Leonid Dubrovin
19651965Operación 90 – Terrestrial Argentine Expedition to the South PoleArgentinianCoronel D. Jorge Leal
1966196812th Soviet Antarctic ExpeditionSovietPavel Senko, Vladislav Gerbovich
19661967New Zealand Antarctic Research Programme Mariner Glacier Northern Party ExpeditionNew ZealandJohn E S Lawrence
19671968South Pole—Queen Maud Land Traverse IIIAmerican
1967196913th Soviet Antarctic Expedition SovietAleksei Treshnikov
1968197014th Soviet Antarctic Expedition SovietD. Maksutov, Ernst Krenkel
19691970New Zealand Geological Survey Antarctic ExpeditionNew Zealand
1969197115th Soviet Antarctic Expedition SovietPavel Senko, Vladislav Gerbovich
1970197216th Soviet Antarctic ExpeditionSovietI. Petrov, Yury Tarbeyev
1971197317th Soviet Antarctic ExpeditionSovietYevgeny Korotkevich, V. Averyano
1972197418th Soviet Antarctic Expedition SovietPavel Senko
1973197519th Soviet Antarctic Expedition SovietD. Maksutov, V. Ignatov
1974197620th Soviet Antarctic Expedition SovietV. Serdyukov, N. Kornilov
1975197721st Soviet Antarctic Expedition SovietO. Sedov, G. Bardin
1976197822nd Soviet Antarctic Expedition SovietN. Tyabin, Leonid Dubrovin
1977197923rd Soviet Antarctic ExpeditionSoviet V. Serdyukov, O. Sedov
1978198024th Soviet Antarctic Expedition SovietA. Artemyev, O. Sedov
1979198025th Soviet Antarctic Expedition SovietN. Kornilov, N. Tyabin
19801981Transglobe ExpeditionBritishRanulph Fiennes
1980198226th Soviet Antarctic ExpeditionSovietV. Serdyukov, V. Shamontyev
1981198327th Soviet Antarctic ExpeditionSovietD. Maksutov, R. Galkin
19811982First Indian Expedition to AntarcticaIndianDr. Sayed Zahoor Qasim
19821983Second Indian Expedition to Antarctica IndianV. K. Raina
1982198428th Soviet Antarctic ExpeditionSovietN. Kornilov, A. Artemyev
1983198529th Soviet Antarctic ExpeditionSovietN. Tyabin, L. Bulatov
19831985Third Indian Expedition to AntarcticaIndianDr Harsh K. Gupta
19841987In the Footsteps of ScottBritishRobert SwanSouthern Quest
198419851st Uruguayan Antarctic Expedition – Antarkos I UruguayanLt. Col. Omar Porciúncula
1984198630th Soviet Antarctic ExpeditionSovietD. Maksutov, R. Galkin
1985198731st Soviet Antarctic ExpeditionSovietN. Tyabin, V. Dubovtsev
1986198832nd Soviet Antarctic ExpeditionSoviet V. Klokov, V. Vovk
1987198933rd Soviet Antarctic ExpeditionSovietN.A. Kornilov, Yu.A. Khabarov
19871988First Bulgarian Antarctic Expedition – St. Kliment Ohridski Base establishedBulgarian Christo Pimpirev, Borislav Kamenov
1988199034th Soviet Antarctic ExpeditionSovietS.M. Pryamikov, L.V. Bulatov
1989199135th Soviet Antarctic ExpeditionSovietV.M. Piguzov