Arctic Exploration Timelines – Sources

This article identifies externally available timelines related to the exploration of the Arctic.

arctic_map_thumbThis site’s timeline: Arctic Exploration Timeline

A number of timelines are available online:


Amanda Graham’s Circumpolar History Timelines: is a large, comprehensive timeline with a large amount of additional detail and organised by territory: North American, Northern Europe & Russia.

Richard Vaughan’s books are also good reference sources:

Early voyages to Siberia and North-East Passage are detailed in A Chronological History of North-Eastern Voyages of Discovery

A short, readable summary of Arctic exploration can be found on Russell Potter’s website Arctic Exploration

A chronology of expeditions is included in the maps available from the Canadian Arctic Exploration Voyages website.

A timeline and description of the main voyages of discovery in Northern Canada / North-West Passage is available at the Northern Research Portal at the University of  Saskatchewan