To The Pole

To The Pole – The Diary and Notebook of Richard E. Byrd 1925-1927 by Raimund E. Groeler Ohio State University Press, 1998

Arctic Airmen

Arctic Airmen – The RAF in Spitsbergen and North Russia, 1942 by Ernest Schofield & Roy Conyers Nesbit Spellmount, Staplehurst, 2005 First Published by William Kimber in 1987

Oceans, Poles and Airmen

Oceans, Poles and Airmen – The first flights over wide waters and desolate ice by Richard Montague Random House, New York, 1971  

Bernt Balchen

Bernt Balchen – Polar Aviator by Carroll V. Glines Smithsonian Institute Press, Washington, 1999 “He set polar flight records, organized a series of daring wartime air operations, and became a leader in Arctic aviation. But despite these achievements, Norwegian-American aviator… Read More »Bernt Balchen

Polar Flight

Polar Flight by Basil Clarke Ian Allan London, 1964 One of the definitive books on polar aviation.

Challenge to the Poles

Challenge to the Poles by John Grierson G. T. Foulis & Co, London, 1964 A comprehensive list of Arctic and Antarctic aviation expeditions.