Arctic Region

A chronological history of voyages into the Arctic regions

A chronological history of voyages into the Arctic regions; undertaken chiefly for the purpose of discovering a north-east, north-west, or polar passage between the Atlantic and Pacific by John Barrow John Murray, London, 1818 Available at:

The Arctic North-East and West Passage

The Arctic North-East and West Passage by Hessel Gerrtsz An 1878 translation of an early work from 1612-13 Available at:

Fram Museum Website

The FRAM Museum Website contains descriptions of the expeditions of Nansen, Sverdrup and Amundsen including: Nansen: Across the Greenland ice (1888-1889) The First Fram Expedition (1893-1896) Sverdrup: The Second Fram Expedition (1898-1902) Amundsen: The Gjøa Expedition (1903-1906) The Third Fram Expedition… Read More »Fram Museum Website

Canadian Arctic Exploration Voyages

Detailed maps of voyages in the Canadian Arctic from 16th to 19th Century are available on the Canada Arctic website at: These also contain chronological lists of voyages.

Across the Northwest Passage: The Larsen Expeditions 1940-1944

The transit of the North-West Passage in 1940-42 and again in 1943-44 by the RMCP vessel St. Roch  under Corporal Henry Larsen is described on the Arctic Institute of North America website at:  

National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration (NOAA)

National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration – Arctic Research Provides wide range of material on both current research and historical exploration. Includes a photolibrary: Has a fascinating section on the First International Polar Year 1881-1884 at    

The Svalbard Archipelago

The Svalbard Archipelago – American Military and Political Geographies of Spitsbergen and Other Norwegian Territories, 1941-1950 edited and with an introduction by P.J. Capelotti Contains a US military report from 1942 that contains descriptions of every aspect of the islands… Read More »The Svalbard Archipelago

Arctic Mission

Arctic Mission 90 North by Airship and Submarine by William F. Althoff Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, 2011 An account of the US Navy’s work in the Arctic in 1958 telling the story of the USS Nautilus but also flights by… Read More »Arctic Mission

To The Pole

To The Pole – The Diary and Notebook of Richard E. Byrd 1925-1927 by Raimund E. Groeler Ohio State University Press, 1998

Arctic Airmen

Arctic Airmen – The RAF in Spitsbergen and North Russia, 1942 by Ernest Schofield & Roy Conyers Nesbit Spellmount, Staplehurst, 2005 First Published by William Kimber in 1987

The Red Tent

  The Red Tent – originally published as My Polar Flight – by Umberto Nobile New English Library, London, 1972 Originally published: Frederick Muller Ltd, 1961 The story of Umberto Nobile’s Italia expedition. The book was republished under the new… Read More »The Red Tent

The Sledge Patrol

The Sledge Patrol by David Howarth Collins, London, 1957 The story of wartime dog patrols in the North-East of Greenland during WWII.

Drift Station

Drift Station – Arctic Outposts of Superpower Science by William F. Althhoff Potomac Books, Washington, 2007 “Closed to conventional passage, the Arctic Ocean and peripheral seas have nevertheless known European explorers since the sixteenth century. Systematic observation, however, dates only… Read More »Drift Station

By Airship to the North Pole

By Airship to the North Pole – An Archaeology of Human Exploration by P.J. Capelotti Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick, 1999 Describes the attempts to reach the pole by Andree in 1897 and Wellman in 1907-1909

The Arctic Frontier

The Arctic Frontier edited by R. St. J. MacDonald University of Toronto Press, 1966 An series of articles concerning the administration of Northern territiories and their peoples and a relatively early reviews of the strategic significance of the Arctic.

Russia and the North

Russia and the North edited by  Elana Wilson Rowe University of Iowa Press, 2009 A series of articles concerning Russia activities in the Arctic covering “circumpolar cooperation, security, fisheries, energy, climate change, population/migration and indigenous peoples“.