Libraries & Institutions

Fram Museum Website

The FRAM Museum Website contains descriptions of the expeditions of Nansen, Sverdrup and Amundsen including: Nansen: Across the Greenland ice (1888-1889) The First Fram Expedition (1893-1896) Sverdrup: The Second Fram Expedition (1898-1902) Amundsen: The Gjøa Expedition (1903-1906) The Third Fram Expedition… Read More »Fram Museum Website

International Polar Foundation

International Polar Foundation has accounts of modern polar expeditions on their website:   Includes information about Princess Elisabeth Antarctica research station:  

National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration (NOAA)

National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration – Arctic Research Provides wide range of material on both current research and historical exploration. Includes a photolibrary: Has a fascinating section on the First International Polar Year 1881-1884 at    

The American Polar Society

The American Polar Society – “The American Polar Society (APS) is the only organization linking scientists, explorers and enthusiasts around the world who value the uniqueness of the polar regions and play critical roles in shaping its destiny. For… Read More »The American Polar Society